Monday, October 6, 2008

Keep me away

This Song is Not Finished

cant you feel, what i feel
a feeling deep inside,
a darkness that i cant hide
all hope has gone,all is left undone

keep me away,
our times have changed
well see the end,
together on we both depend

but i....... want you to know
i can see through your soul
and i can see through your eyes
so dont act to me your suprised


keep me away,
i dont want you to feel the same
we are close to the end
forever in dark we descend

guitar solo.........

keep me away,
i dont want you to feel the same
we are close to the end
forever in dark we descend

Morgans Song

we never meant it to be this way
your mother and me
but life is strange my baby girl
i know one day youll see.

i tried my best to make things work
between our family
but things went bad my baby girl
i guess its meant to be.

ill return i promise you
to fight again once more
but on the day youll understand
what i left you for?

and on that day we meet again
ill smile and say to you
youve always been my baby girl
forever always true

your happiness to me means
more than words can ever say
so forgive me little angel
ill be back again one day

ill be back with strength of 10
just like a dad should really be
the strength that i must find
inside my soul for you to see


wake up

verse 1
ive got a fight tonight
im guna swing from all angles
think ill swing round his ankles
got a fight tonight
and in a flash im going down

ive got a WAKE UP,WAKE UP,
i swear youll come with me,
you gotta WAKE UP,WAKE UP,
before you lose everything

verse 2
i think im going down
but if you think ill go down
without a fight youll come with me
think im going down
i feel the room, spinning, around

ive got a WAKE UP,WAKE UP,
i swear youll come with me,
you gotta WAKE UP,WAKE UP,
before you lose everything


death and destruction!!
all the sounds of distant tears
all the war and your corruption
are you testing all our fears

cant you open up your eyes
and see the things you do
your tearing up the skies
and pulling darkness through the blue

look into the mirror tell me what you all do see?
look deep in your souls
i tell you love can set you free!
please put down your guns
and help the children understand
show them how to live
and walk together hand in hand.

i know your pain cuts deep
and life has not been fair to start
but remember all the pain
dont share it, open up your heart

and in the end you all will see
the light will beat upon your face
it will open up your eyes
the love within the human race.


but i guess you all are blind
to see that god cant understand!!
why his angels fill the sky
across the earth, upon his land?


The sirens

your looking for a way
to keep you out this burning heat
but turning left and right
cant seem to put you on our feet

everything you try
just seems to pull you to the ground
you got to keep on moving
as the sirens make the sound

people running from their fears
the worst is yet to come
the ringing sound inside your ears
is rain drops on the drum

reaching hands up to the sky
are searching for salvation
childrens eyes begin to cry
they suffer our temptations

our cities filled with walls of steel
but slowly they will fall
until theres nothing left but dust
the worlds a bouncing ball

what have we done unto this world
im clouded by confusion
the white flag has become unfurled
the earth is being concluded

chorus x1


the times have changed since i was young
and i can see the truth
the future holds a gripping hand
upon the rising youth

so take back all the words you said
and hope theyll understand
before they get inside your head
and homes in wonderland

children in the backroads
children on the streets
children looking for some fun
is only what i see
fighting on the highways
theres fighting everywhere
fighting all around the world
the blood has filled the air

the smoke weve filled inside our lungs
is pitted with dispair
because we build a line of wrongs
so how can god be fair
the grains of sand inside our palms
is rising from the floor
the devils children build there farms
because we opened up the door

the candle lights are burning out
the clock ticks here and there
everybody screams and shouts
the pain we all will share

instrumental guitar or piano

chorus x2